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Local Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in Middle Pennsylvania.

This chapter was organized by members of the AIA Central Pennsylvania and AIA Pittsburgh chapters in 1986 from 9 counties in the former AIA Central Pennsylvania area and 4 counties in the former AIA Pittsburgh and AIA Northwest areas.

As a local Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, our members share a common interest in promoting a richness and diversity in the built environment within our communities and beyond.  Our Chapter is comprised of thirteen counties in the geographical region extending from New York to Maryland.  Our membership includes approximately fifty Architects and Associate Members and approximately ten Affiliates.

We meet every other month and provide continuing education opportunities at most of our meetings. (view our Calendars section)  In odd numbered years 2017, 2019, etc. we sponsor a full day Symposium that includes educational sessions and construction product exhibits.A chapter newsletter is published six times per year; the latest edition can be found here.

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Professional Membership Benefits

2017/2018 AIA Middle PA Chapter Officers

Brian Endler, AIA

Vice President
David Macharola, AIA

Treasurer (Acting)
David E. Reasinger, Associate AIA

Ruchik Vyas, AIA

AIA PA Board Representative
Rick Karcher, AIA

Immediate Past President
David B. Albright, AIA

Associate Board Member
David E. Reasinger, Associate AIA

Government Affairs

Richard Karcher, AIA

The Following is a list of past presidents of our chapter;

1986 – John C. Haas
1987 – John C. Haas
1988 – Robert E. Wedge
1989 – Robert H. Hoffman
1990 – Ann K. Balazs
1991 – Charles E. Brueggebors
1992 – Robert M. Suckling
1993 – Robert D. Davis
1994 – Dwight Smith
1995 – George W. Hawes
1996 – Dallas L. Miller
1997 – David  B.Albright
1998 – Thomas M. Columbus Jr.
1999 – Jeffery D.  Light
2000 – Richard A. Riccardo
2001 – Richard A. Riccardo
2002 – Ralph A.Meacham

2003 – Albert S. “Toby” Roberts Jr.
2004 – Richard L. Karcher
2005 – J. Richard Fruth
2006 – Fredrick J. Fernsler
2007 – Brian W. Hayes
2008 – Brian W. Hayes
2009 – Richard Cyman
2010 – Richard Cyman
2011 – David Macharola
2012 – David Macharola
2013 – Thomas M. Columbus, Jr.
2014 – Thomas M. Columbus, Jr.
2015 – David Albright
2016 – David Albright

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